The Red Pill 2051_11/22/2010

The comedic sage, George Carlin, stated years ago that if you vote, you can’t complain. To people like Erik and I, his argument makes more and more sense with each passing day. Think about that when the next election cycle comes around in 2012. Perhaps we should be asking our state and federal “leaders” about the implementation of Agenda 21, of which most people have not a clue, because they are not meant to know that it is happening. Unfortunately, by then many of us will be out of work and to concerned with mere survival, rather than with such academic subjects. We have only to thank the Federal Reserve’s bailout which was forced down our collective throats. Democracy is wonderful, isn’t it? I hate to even mention the TSA, since that’s all the media has been covering these past two weeks, but it should be no surprise that there is corruption behind the adoption of these particular body scanners. I truly hope more and more people refuse, but it will take time to convince the authorities to back off. There is more to say, but I’ll let the articles speak for themselves.

You can’t complain if you *did* vote

Voting is even more worthless than you think

States of Emergency

It’s not the Great Recession, it’s the great Bank Robbery

Taxi to the Dark Side (Google Video)

The Great Global Warming Swindle (Google Video)

Student loan lenders pay out large settlement over rate allegations

TSA: Common Sense, Follow the Money

Oleg Kashin’s Horrible Truth

“Shadows of the Future” Codex Alimentarius (Video)

Children without MMR jabs should be banned from school

The big lie about abortion and mental health

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