The Red Pill 2051_11/14/2010

Travel tip: If you refuse to use the new full body scanners, then check the videos below to see what is in store for you. This kind of treatment is usually reserved for newly arrived prisoners, but then again, that’s the point. We’re all potential terrorists in the new emerging global system. Do you ‘feel’ like a terrorist? Why do we stand for such treatment? Is it really for safety, or have we been trained to obey authority, even if it is wrong? It’s been well documented that the CIA secretly funded artists and writers during the Cold War and it makes you wonder what their funding these days and for what purposes. I’m sure they funded the “great” biowarfare scientist William C. Patrick III, who before his death last month, created enough anthrax to wipe out the entire human population. But since the U.S.’s corruption perception index is relatively low, the public will continue to play and be happy in their slavery. That was Aldus Huxley’s dream.

Three year old accosted by TSA agent. (Video pulled due to copyright issue.)

Assume the position

Talk radio host refuses to go through new body scanner

TSA encounter at San Diego airport

TSA sense of humor makes me nervous

Hollaback, a new iPhone app

The CIA spent millions to weaponize art during Cold War

This man made enough germs to kill off multiple planets

2010 Corruption Perception Index

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