The Red Pill 2051_Sterilization

The depopulation agenda is steamrolling ahead as NGO’s, supported by foundations, of course, are spreading like cancer across the world to convince everyone that a population explosion is imminent unless people stop having so many children. In rural India, town rallies headed by eminent locals and street plays are being used on the illiterate masses, exactly as it was done back in Plato’s day. Here in the West, we’ve been secretly sterilized with chemicals like BPA for 50 years and are just now finding out. But it goes further than that in this crazy system. A new disorder called “Pregorexia” threatens fetuses in the womb with lower IQ’s and birth defects. A birth control gel that can be rubbed on the skin has been “developed”. I wonder if its been secretly introduced into our environment like BPA? Never fear, though, because science has figured out the chemical processes that cause people to fall in love. Big Brother never had it so easy, huh?

Sterilization campaign in India

BPA is killing your sperm

Dieting for two (Not my joke)

New birth control gel

Falling in love is like snorting cocaine

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