The Red Pill 2051_Halloween

On Halloween, people go to great lengths to frighten themselves and others. But what most people are afraid of is not what can hurt or kill them, but fantastic and mythological creatures that reside in our imaginations. Personally, I’m more afraid of unmanned drones mounted with .50 caliber machine guns roaming the streets of Seattle, or being plucked from my apartment by black clad hit squads, because I didn’t do what I was told, or even worse, mass depopulation of the planet by war, poverty and lack of the basic necessities of life. But such things hit a little too close to home for the majority of the public, so they would rather worry about poltergeists and zombies. As long as that’s the case, we don’t stand much of chance to divert the real horror show that is manifesting itself everyday. Happy Halloween.

The caMEL bot

The extinction of vertebrates around the world

The Ten U.S. cities that are running out of water

Ohio McDonald’s employees get voting instructions with their paycheck

Facebook wants to know all it can about the minimalist user

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