The Red Pill 2051_9/30/2010

Cancers of all kinds are on the rise, but there’s a new drug out there that can give you a few more months to limp along. It’ll cost you, though. That’s little consolation to the throngs of people out there who have lost their jobs and it’s clear that soon your ability to eek out a living with cash under the table is coming to an end. Down under, teachers may be given Tasers to discipline unruly students, especially those that are complaining about their rapidly declining futures. But it’s just not young students who are being dealt with in unsavory ways. Scientists in Canada are finding just how short their leashes are. New divisions between men and women concerning “climate change” are being “discovered” in the Western world. But these subjects don’t matter much to the rioting crowds spreading through Europe at the moment.

$93,000 one-time use only cancer drug

Death of Cash?

Tasers for teachers proposal in Australia

Canadian scientists claim “muzzling”

Women more likely to accept climate science

Anti-Austerity protests spread through Europe

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