The Red Pill 2051_9/24/2010

Erik has returned this week after a hiatus. What would the founding fathers think of the current political and social situation we find ourselves in at the present? They would recognize the depression for what it is, but since mainstream media claims the recession has been over for a year, the people keep sleeping and living in a dreamworld. Obamacare has begun and so far so good, but the worst is yet to come. And we’ll be needing any healthcare we can get as our skies are sprayed daily with toxic substances. Flu season is back, hooray! H1N1 isn’t the “killer” it was last year, but not to worry, the vaccine is now mixed with the regular flu jab. How convenient! Medical marijuana dispensaries are being raided across the country, regardless of state laws. So if you need your “eye” medication, you may be out of luck.
Across the pond, motorists are being encouraged to spy on one another and UK teachers are reporting on bigoted 3 year olds. Maybe this is just a preemptive action to control future yobs wandering the streets and causing trouble.

50 mind blowing facts about America would never have believed

We’re in a depression

Obamacare is even worse than critics thought

Geo engineering killing off the useless eaters

H1N1 is back, now included in the seasonal shot

Big Brother lurks on UK roadways

Teachers accusing 3 year olds as bigots

Problems with “Yobs” in UK

DEA and DOJ stay mum on medical marijuana raids

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