The Red Pill 2051_The Weak

The weakest in society have always been used to further the agenda of the ruling elite. Whether it be brainwashing children to promote certain ideas, like with the Hitler Youth or Soviet Komsomol, or using the sick or infirm to promote medical breakthroughs, like brain implants, or exploiting the mentally deficient to promote eugenics, the agenda keeps rolling along. Look into the works of such “luminaries” and “experts” as Lord Betrand Russell, B.F. Skinner and Ivan Pavlov to see how this has been done.
At this point in time, we into the worst totalitarian regime the world has ever seen, so is it a surprise that children today are being drugged and tracked from an early age? While we sit back watching TV shows about heroic doctors and law enforcement officers, our children are being prepared to accept The New World Order and the seemingly unfit “useless eaters” are being systematically killed off by law. Where is our compassion and indignation?

Convention on the Rights of the Child from the U.N.

The Hidden Tragedy of the CIA’s Experiments of Children

Pediatricians urged to screen more closely for mental health problems

Medicating our Children

California preschoolers to get tracking devices

Teresa Lewis, mentally disabled, to be executed this month in VA

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