The Red Pill 2051_Reason

Reasoning is a learned skill, which, unfortunately is not really taught in school at any level these days. What has been taught is to defer our own reasoning to those who ‘seem’ to be from a higher class of people. It starts with your teachers and continues with your professors, politicians, scientists and every “expert” imaginable. Progress has become a slogan, which changes its definition like a chameleon’s skin. But where are we going?

NBIC 2002 report

NSET 2001 report

Female mice can be turned lesbian by deleting gene

Subtle gene mutations in asthma sufferers

Who needs men to have a child?

The world’s first cyborg with video

Earth atmosphere collapse has scientists puzzled. Why do we keep paying them?

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One response to “The Red Pill 2051_Reason

  1. That guy who says he is the first cyborg is really just an idiot. I’m sorry. People have been using technology like that in a applications like hearing devices for a while now. As long as they don’t require all people to have them -fine.

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