The Red Pill 2051_Public Enemy

Always remember that individuals, true individuals, have been the enemy of the establishment elite throughout known history. They have been training a police FORCE to deal with us by any means necessary as our society crumbles and the pressure mounts to survive. We need to quickly rediscover our compassion for one another, even as the powers that be are destroying it bit by bit by giving us the new religion of cold science to follow and obey. It will not be easy and the road ahead is fraught with peril and uncertainty, but I for one would rather leave this mortal realm with my mind intact, rather than as a mindless drone.

In Jail for Debt

The Dazer Laser

Police push for continued warrantless cell phone tracking

Child Rape is OK in EU, it seems

Dissolving and flushing the dead down the drain in EU

Blaming the unemployed

How many Americans are targeted for assassination?

Gods of the New Age

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