The Red Pill 2051_7/5/2010

Protesters shocked and disgusted by police brutality during G20 meeting. A cute “story” about how our secret intelligence agencies are working around the clock to “protect” us. Bp oil spill response website will be taken over by the Feds. Nick Clegg in Britain demands the citizens help to scrap bad laws, all the while, NHS nurses are going door to door to ensure vaccination requirements. Pure food obsession now deemed a psychological disorder. The coming Smart Grid will help you monitor your energy uses, so the state doesn’t have to.

G20 protesters’ accounts of police brutality

President Obama’s nighthawks

BP oil spill response website to be taken over by Feds

Nick Clegg calls on public to help scrap “bad” laws

NHS nurses being sent to people’s home to ensure vaccinations

Orthorexia-a new eating disorder

Smart Grid technologies to come

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