The Red Pill 2051_Make Room!

Overpopulation is a myth, manifesting as perceived fact for those who live in the cities, overcrowded with refugees from poorer parts of the world. If our leaders are so worried about terrorists, then why do our borders seem wide open? U.N. statistics show that with a little prosperity and extra credit, Westerners have had less and less children, so why are we told that the world is busting at the seams? Scientists at Obama’s ear say the world’s population must come down by any means necessary, but we little people can’t believe they’re talking about us.

U.N. Population Division statistics. (You have to plug in the dates you want to view)

Population Explosion by Paul and Anne Ehrlich

The Ehrlich’s advice to Obama

Looming population crisis as world turns its back on parenthood

90,000 test tubes babies born in Europe

Maurice Strong Quotes

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