The Red Pill 2051 Podcast_Episode 13

This week Erik and I discuss the report from Iron Mountain, Alex Jones as a possible agent provocateur, Goldman Sachs’ intrigues in Greece and a few other noteworthy developments in the world.

Only the truth can set you free.

The Report from Iron Mountain.pdf

Controlled Opposition: Hard Questions about Alex Jones

Wall St. Helped to Mask Debt Fueling Europe’s Crisis

Louisiana sues its own death row prisoners.

Iceland to Become Haven for Whistleblowers

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3 responses to “The Red Pill 2051 Podcast_Episode 13

  1. Hey guys!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the shout out and the recognition. Check out the blog more and feel free to comment. We often have lively discussions.

    A couple points:

    * The Russian state, under the auspices of RT, spends beaucoup dollars pushing climate change denial.
    * My article DEFINITELY raises more questions than it answers. I hope to have more answers soon, and I have been in contact with a number of people about him.
    * On Alex Jones: How much “useful” information does he give that doesn’t lead people down blind alleys? How useful is a man who leads so many people so far astray?
    * Full disclosure: I am a Marxist and a socialist. I abhor libertarian politics and consider “conspiracy” politics to be a blind alley. The world is undoubtedly run by a tiny economic elite. This doesn’t mean that this group is an unshakable and omnipotent monolith which marches in lock step. There are clear divisions among them, and they are not in nearly as much agreement as conspiracy theories or “truthers” or whatever you want to call them would suggest.

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