The Red Pill 2051 Podcast_Episode 4

This week, Erik and I discuss the poisoned world in which we all live. Also, we share our thoughts on the climategate scandal that has reopened the debate about global warming, or climate change, or whatever media buzzword the elites are using these days.

Why the media ignores Climategate

Hot Times:

Penn State investigating climategate

What happened to Global Warming: BBC

Watts up with that?

Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury

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7 responses to “The Red Pill 2051 Podcast_Episode 4

  1. Hey guys, might I suggest you get a twitter going? It’s a great way to share one link or a thought for the day that might not merit an entire blog post.

    Also you guys are more than welcome to advertise your podcast on The Malden. I can do an intro article for your show. Then starting next week just copy and paste the post you do for your show in to The Malden as well.

    • Yeah. I don’t like Twitter, but it would make things easier. We’ll start linking to The Malden next week. I was just in a hurry last night. I’ll hit you up for advice about Twitter soon.

  2. I think you guys wanted to link HAARP, not HARP, right? Cause HARP is this awesome Space cannon for sending satellites into space. HAARP is the antennae array in Alaska.

    Annecdote: I remember my 4th Grade teacher being a hardline Feminazi Liberal Japanophile telling us that recycling is the only way to save our earth from pollution. I think I mentioned that we should just send all of our junk into the sun, and she couldn’t come up with a good reason against it.

  3. Speaking of the Malden are we ever going to do another Maldencast or is everyone too busy fighting Agent Smith with Morpheus?

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